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J FIT helps women who feel stuck in their weight loss journey, or simply don't even know where to start. Committing to your health through coaching will not only bring you the physical results you desire, but teach you how to live your life in a way that aligns with your goals, dreams and desires.  


When you become a J FIT client, you receive a personalized coaching program that takes into consideration your diet and health history, family dynamics, schedule, interests, and food preferences.  Not only that, I am there to provide unlimited support and resources to help you be successful.  


While there are many fitness coaches and programs out there, J FIT makes it a top goal to help you reach your goal without limiting your foods, eliminating social and family situations, feeling guilty for "falling off plan", setting unrealistic expectations, or going through your journey alone.  We are in this together.

Fill out this form and get started on your transformation OF a lifetime, FOR a lifetime!

An individualized nutrition program that will include a meal plan strategy based on the foods you love.  You will even get Free Meals where you get to eat what you want without restriction or guilt.


Your own customized workout program and access to the J FIT Training App so you can work out at home or the gym and know exactly what to do. Each exercise has a video so you always know how to perform your assigned workouts.  You will be resistance training for body transformation.  If you are used to doing a lot of cardio, be prepared to do less but see an increase in results.


Bi-weekly check-ins with your coach that include completion and submission of measurements, progress photos, dietary adherence, and bi-weekly feedback.  These check-ins are critical in your long-term success as it provides accountability, feed back, support and any necessary tweaks in your programming to ensure you are on the right path for YOUR success.

Access to your coach via email to have your questions answered and get the attention and support to help you succeed.


Access to a number of resources to maximize your results without feeling deprived or overworked. (FAQ Sheets, Recipes, Vacation Workouts, etc.)


Access to a Private Food Flexible tool that allows you to enjoy unlimited food variety and still be on track and compliant with your program.


Membership to the J FIT Community Facebook Group to help you get to your goals faster and connect with other J FIT ladies who are on the same journey as you.  Having a community for accountability, friendship, and support is monumental in continued success.


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